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Two Weeks from Completion

The project is a month late and there is still 2 to 3 weeks of work left. I received a text message from my contractor telling me in broken spanglish to go f*ck myself and he was taking his tools and walked off the job. All I...

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Ikea Refund Request

Order # 250936642 Eli Collier / 1612 Q ST NW Washington DC 20009 / 202-550-7703 Return Cabinet Desc Line Article Quantity Total Damaged 14. High cabinet 30×80 inch SEKTION SE hi cab frm 30x24x80″ white NA 62...

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Toto Toilet Problems

It appears we are missing a part from the valve assembly.  The tank leaks into the toilet constantly forcing the tank the fill up about every minute. Here is the one we got with our kit, but it doesn’t seem to fit.  It is...

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